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Paragliding over Bled is the closest experience to flying, that you can experience. Together with the experienced guides you will experience the perfect feeling of flying at the view on the beautiful landscape and Lake Bled. All you will have to do is take a couple of fat steps at the takeoff. The wind will fill the parachute and you will sail higher and higher, free as bird. You can take a camera with you, because you will be sitting and enjoying the views.

Unique awake above the paradise!

The best time to fly paragliding tandems is from May to October when the weather is the most stable and the warm atmosphere enables us the thermal soaring. Anyway, paragliding is possible any time of the year as long as the weather conditions are suitable. Usually, the flying takes from 10 to 30 minutes of air time.

Minimum passengers: 1, min 25 kg – max 120 kg
Duration: 1-2 hours
Departures: On request

Price: 130 €  / Kids 130 €
(Prices are per person)

Start Points:

  • Starting point is Vila Ula la – Ljubljanska cesta 28, Bled.

Where will we take you:

  • 15min drive to take-off point
  • Flying over Lake Bled 10-30 min flying time
  • Amazing views

Optional Activities:


Frequent questions:

  • Sport trainers or hiking shoes
  • Extra long sleeves
  • Sunglasses
  • Pick up in Bled and area 3km
  • Transfer to take-off point
  • Experienced, licensed English speaking tandem paragliding pilot
  • Paragliding tandem equipment
  • Transportation back to Bled

The place named Gače lies at an altitude of 970 m and offers a stunning view of Lake Bled with the island, castle, and surrounding Karavanke mountain range.

No. It is additional charge of 25 € for photos and videos of your flight on USB – recorded with GOpro

YES! Minimum weight is 25 kg.

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