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If you’re interested in sustainable travel during Christmas and want to avoid the mass consumerism common at more visited destinations, the Ljubljana Christmas Market is easily the best choice in Europe.

Slovenia is one of the most eco-friendly destinations all year round and in December the city focuses on supporting small, local businesses, zero waste products and organic Slovenian cuisine.

Christmas in Ljubljana in 2022 will include Christmas trees and other Christmas decorations and lights around the city centre with the main Christmas market taking place in Prešeren Square on the river.

Departures: Bled 16:00
Duration: 7 hours
Return time: approx 23:00
1-3pax    180,00 €
4-8pax    220,00 €

Start Points:

  • Bled

Where will we take you:

  • Ljubljana

Optional Activities:


Frequent questions:

  • Warm clothes
  • Winter hat, scarf and gloves

No, we recommend you to bring your own snacks, but we will provide you with water.

Yes, there are no age limitations. Just let us know about the age to provide child seat.

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