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West Triglav National Park Tour


This half day trip includes the highlights of Triglav National Park, the beautiful nature resort in the northwestern part of Slovenia. The first natural sight is the Peričnik waterfall, where nature presents itself in its true might – tons of water crashing down a 52 meters high cliff. You will be left speechless as the waterfall crashes down so fiercely it stifles all sounds.

The next stop will be the spring of river Sava Dolinka named Zelenci. This swamp in the middle of the green fields is yet another masterpiece of mother nature. The last highlight of the trip is one of the most famous ski jumping resorts in the world – Planica, the birthplace of ski flying, where for almost a century athletes have been pushing the boundaries of how far it is possible to fly on skis.

A half day trip includes guide, water, transportation and fees.

Minimum passengers: 4, all ages
Duration: 5-6 hours
Departure: 9:00
Price: 60 € per person

Start Points:

  • Bled

Where will we take you:

  • Peričnik Waterfall
  • Zelenci Spring
  • Planica Nordic Centre

Optional Activities:


Frequent questions:

No, we recommend you to bring your own snacks and drinks.

The trip is only cancelled in case of heavy storms.

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